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SCM Structured Content Management Solution on tablets such as iPad

SCM Mobile Forms Manager Apps for iPad and iPhone

SCM Mobile Forms Manager for iPad and iPhone provides simple, secure, and environmentally friendly data collection for the enterprise.

FSG's SCM (Structured Content Manager) Mobile enables organizations to seamlessly migrate from paper or PDF-based electronic forms to mobile enabled forms and processes. SCM Mobile provides a secure platform for data collection, routing, approvals (including signatures), and tracking of enterprise processes. SCM Mobile works seamlessly with our SCM server technology used and hosted by many federal, state, and local government agencies as well as private corporations in the health care, legal, high tech and manufacturing industries.

Key Benefits:

• Extends enterprise data collection, routing, approval (including signatures), and tracking to mobile platforms
• Provides a completely secure data collection platform
• Ensures accurate data collection and eliminates redundancy
• Extremely green…eliminates costly paper forms and printing of electronic forms
• Provides cost effective PDF forms migration strategy eliminating inherent security risks found in PDF's
• Supports desktop, as well as mobile devices

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