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Timed Test Arcade

Timed Test Arcade for iPad and iPhone Apps

Timed Test Arcade allows you to create completely customizable timed tests for any age group.

Features included in this release:

-Create customized tests with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
-Choose the number of problems and range (ex. I'd like 100 problems with numbers 3-8)
-Timer Option lets you shorten the test time as your child/student begins to master their math facts
-Instant Feedback Option is great for a child/student just beginning to learn their math facts as they can recognize incorrect answers and correct them as they go (smart answer color coding and sounds included)
-Multiple User Accounts provide teachers and parents alike the ability to support multiple children and their test activities on one mobile device
-Timed Test Arcade automatically grades the tests saving parents and teachers significant time
-Reports of all past test results including problems missed are available for parent/teacher review
-Test results can be e-mailed to parents and or teachers
-Unlockable achievements and time per problem tracking provide incentives for children to keep improving their math facts accuracy and speed
- Tokens for Arcade game play keep children motivated to learn

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