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Form Finder electronic forms for the web

FormFinder for the Web Enterprise Edition

FormFinder for the Web, Enterprise edition, offers an easy-to-use filling, saving, and routing solution that simplifies managing electronic forms, associated data, form versioning, and records. In addition to providing full support for leading XML form technologies, Enterprise edition also allows interaction with existing enterprise authentication services. FormFinder natively supports Adobe Livecycle PDF's, Adobe Acroform PDF's, Microsoft Infopath 2007, 2010, and IBM Lotus forms technology. Publishing electronic forms and creating/linking associated tables for SQL and Oracle databases is a breeze with FSG point and click administrator console.

Enhanced Routing Edition

Where the Enterprise edition of FormFinder for the Web provides out of the box adhoc routing, the Enhanced Routing edition of FormFinder is a solution for automating more complex business processes. An easy-to-use, web-based business process design tool is included with FormFinder's Enhanced Routing edition. This tool provides the ability to design different stages of a process thus providing basic workflow capability. This edition also provides FormFinder data connector technology where administrators can populate and submit information to forms and databases without scripting or coding.

Digital Signature Edition

FormFinder for the Web's Digital Signature Module provides out of-the-box, server-based digital signature technology, so that once a form or process has been signed, fields can be locked and data and the origin of such data is assured to be authentic and genuine. In addition, this edition provides the ability for users to take a form off line for completion and then upload that record for processing when they are back on-line. This is helpful in situations where a person needs to be out of the office (in an airplane, working from home) and still wishes to complete work on an on-line process. After downloading the form and completing this work off-line, the user can upload and submit the form for processing the next time he/she is connected to the network.

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