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FSG's Structured Content Manager – What is a Structured Content Manager?

An Enterprise Content Management (ECM) System is content, documents, details, and records related to the organizational processes of an enterprise. The purpose and result is to manage the organization's unstructured information content, with all its diversity of formats and location. An Enterprise Structured Content Manager has a similar purpose except it focuses on managing the organization's digital processes and associated data.

There are three basic categories of digital processes:

Adhoc Digital Process – An adhoc digital process provides the end user the capability to initiate and electronically route a process based upon knowledge that each participant in the process possesses. Using an adhoc method makes sense when a process changes often, relies upon organizational knowledge that cannot be easily defined, or when the cost of defining the process is not justifiable.

Rules and Roles Based Digital Process (Workflow) - A rules and roles based Digital Process (workflow) allows business logic to be built into the digital process. Decisions are made for the end-user so that they do not need organizational knowledge to initiate or participate in the process.

API Driven Digital Process – An API driven digital process can be either Adhoc or a Workflow based digital process. An API driven digital process is typically initiated from a web-application or web-page. A Structured Content Manager application typically hosts and manages the API Driven digital process without the end user's knowledge. Using a Structured Content Manager in this capacity saves significant time and money in the development and support of the API Driven Digital Process.

Effective structured content management provides for capability and significant efficiencies in the following areas:

  • Structured data collection
  • Database Integration with HTML and XML digital forms technology
  • Data security and redundancy
  • Digital Process approval and routing (i.e. workflow)
  • Digital Process Versioning
  • Digital Process Tracking
  • Digital Process Reporting
  • Mobile device compatibility

FSG's SCM is an Enterprise Web Application built upon Microsoft's .NET Framework allowing for ease of configuration and implementation. Other than a web browser, no additional client software is required to utilize FSG SCM whether you are utilizing a PC, tablet computer, or smart phone.

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