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End User Requirements

  • Make it easy for users to find appropriate digital processes
  • Keep it simple to participate in a digital process.
  • Make it easy to find stored digital processes data and records
  • Assure no lost data and reusability of data by storing process data in enterprise relational databases
  • Always provide users the most current version of a digital process
  • Allow auto-population of known data to reduce user data entry and resulting errors
  • Provide status tracking utility simplifying how an end user can follow-up on processes
  • Provide flexibility of platform allowing work to be completed no matter where a user is

Data and Records Managers Requirements

  • Support HTML and leading XML data collection technologies
  • Make it easy to administer and publish digital processes
  • Assure that versions of digital processes are instantly updated worldwide when changed
  • Manage the relationship between digital processes and data
  • Assure that it is simple to design digital processes without scripting
  • Simplify the process of setting-up auto-population of data
  • Make it easy to reuse digital process data throughout Enterprise
  • Provide for secure and non-proprietary data storage of processes and user data
  • Provide statistical data for understanding digital process usage and statistical data
  • Make sure that you have the ability to migrate as new technology is introduced
  • Provide for simple record retention methods

Information Technology Requirements

  • Utilize scalable server architecture to assure ability to grow with organization needs
  • Provide support for HTML and leading XML data collection solutions
  • Implement flexible and secure user authentication methods
  • Encrypt digital process data at rest to assure data security
  • When a digital process warrants, implement digital signature technology to assure legally binding processes
  • Assure low system overhead and no desktop maintenance thus reducing hardware and maintenance cost
  • Avoid building stovepipe applications within Enterprise Content managers

Executive Management Requirements

  • Evaluate what is available thoroughly and select a cost effective solution
  • Focus on reducing amount of time it takes to implement digital processes from months to days.
  • Significantly improve work throughput in the organization
  • Assure reuse of data collected through digital processes
  • Assure legally binding digital processes
  • Significantly improve the efficiency of the entire organization
  • Rethink existing processes in light of current technology available
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