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Key SCM Features/Benefits for End Users



On-line Digital Process Portal interface including unique computer, tablet and smart phone interfaces

-List of identified folders and catalog help users to quickly and efficiently locate processes based on your determination of the best organization of digital processes -Digital Process location at users’ fingertips
-Anytime, Anywhere access to an organization's digital processes 

Search by process name, process number, as well as two custom defined columns -

-Digital Process location with ease for both internal and external clients
-Fast and easy tracking of forms

Simple Data Capture 

-Users can save form records using their own nomenclature, speeding up time to locate them
-Flexibility for users to manage data and records

Digital Process Routing

-SCM digital process routing does not stress your enterprise email system
-Routing is facilitated through email and  SCM work list, passing a link to the process and not the process as an attachment, thus limiting the stress on your email systems

Digital Process Version Control Management 

-Assurance that the process initiated is the latest available 
-Ensure control and efficient management of digital processes

User profile for each end-user

-Ease of access to processes pertinent to end user
-End users are responsible to manage their digital processes
-Pre-population into digital processes of information contained within user profile

Creation of personal tab in profile

-Users can easily transfer processes frequently used into a “my profile” folder, saving time and effort when locating records
-Pre-populated contact information fields from profile information
-Elimination of re-keying of data by users, saving significant time 
-User friendly forms

Digital Process Tracking

- Users can instantly find out the status of digital processes providing tremendous efficiencies and time savings through the organization

Digital Process access via computer, tablet, or smart phone

-Anytime, Anywhere access to an organizations' digital processes

Key SCM Features/Benefits for Organizations



Feature Benefit Administration of digital processes with unique Web-based interfaces for computer, tablet, and smart phones.  

-Low training cost
-Low maintenance cost
-Cost effective implementation
-User-friendly tool
-No need for desktop licensing

User profile creation

-Identification of end users 
-Ability to maintain a better grasp of user information
-Ability to search for users according to information entered
-Consistent and more accurate information submitted in your digital process

Database integration with intuitive interface (no requirement for coding or programming language) 

-Easy to administer and manage the publishing of digital processes and data
-Low training cost required
-Low overhead and maintenance cost
-High end programmers can be utilized for more infrastructure based work

Centralized Web Digital Process Portal

-No replication nightmares between multiple network servers
-Always the most up-to-date information located in one centralized database driven repository
-Facilitates the access to organizations’ digital processes by external users
-Greatest accessibility by the widest demographic possible

Zero administration

-Elimination of software installation cost on user’s desktop -Upgrades are instantly available to end users without having the need to visit each workstation accessing the system 

XML-based data

-XML data can be easily integrated into existing legacy systems
-Error-free data processing

Managed data version control 

-Easier to manage digital process and data version 
-Organization is ensured that their end users will use the most recent Digital processes and routing workflow available 
-Ensure consistency and effective management of new digital process versions and control of old ones

Multi-tiered server architecture 

-Conforms to organization’s IT standards
-Configurable to suit organization's current Web hosting environments
-Ability to scale servers and supporting load balancing clustering for the greatest flexibility

Permission-based management system

- Ability to restrict viewing digital processes by use of passwords or group membership
-Ability to protect organization data
-Built in integration utility with smartcards and active directory services

Adaptable to end users system environments 

-Available to all end users regardless of system and browsers used

Statistics on usage

-Ability to track usage, filling rate and process routing for better management and resource allocation
-Ability to identify and update a digital process if dropout rate is high

Customization of portal

-Ensure consistency of look and feel with organization’s website, logo and colors
-Seamless transitions for company's intranet/internet presence

Structured Routing 

-Enforce established business process for data processing with built-in routing utility

Data connectors 

- Seamless integration (no manual programming) with legacy systems to both populate forms and submit information from digital processes to pre-existing systems

Digital Signatures 

- Being able to sign digital processes today with or without a PKI infrastructure

Local Save 

-Manage your enterprise’s data even when working with digital processes is required offline 
- Truly capture all of your organization’s data

MS Sharepoint Integration

-Tightly integrate both structured and unstructured content management applications inside and outside your organization

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